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Events & Experience – The 5 Wheel Drive concept

Experience and experiencing are the key issues in this abundantly illustrated book. What makes an event unforgettable from a participant’s point of view?

Every event aims at experiencing and experience, from a festival to a party, a training course to a congress, an exhibition to a leisure park, a ceremony to a memorial, an excursion to a group trip.
What factors play a role in the experience itself and how it is experienced by the participants, the guests, the visitors or the public?  What makes them say ‘ wow!’  instead of ‘ hmm….’.   And what makes an event something never to forget?

In this book you will find answers to questions like these by using the 5 Wheel Drive concept. The concept visualizes the various processes and parameters involved in generating, maintaining and reinforcing the participants’ experience.
Events and Experiencing has been written from the point of view of the event-designing, arranging and realizing professional.

The 5 Wheel Drive concept gives you practical and conceptual support and lots of useful tips on designing an event as a professional. It also covers managing and dealing with issues which may arise during the event itself. It puts the experience-bound aspects of events into words. This, combined with lots of real-life examples, explains what makes one event successful and another a flop.

About the authors.
Johan Rippen (1944) retired in 2006 as a teacher in methods of informal education, leisure, practitioner’s-theory, practice-oriented research and quality-development at all levels of the professional college of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and its partner ProEducation.
Marcella Bos  (1963) works in the events sector. As the Director of Bos Matchworks she organizes and facilitates teambuilding sessions and training sessions, characterized by how they are tailored to the client and by surprising game concepts.

Events & Experience – The 5 Wheel Drive concept, by Rippen and Bos
ISBN 978 90 473 0056 4
First published January 2008
 The book is now available in Dutch in all good bookshops, as well as online.